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"If you dont see the book you want on the shelf, write it."   -Beverly Cleary

The best books, characters, films, and plays are the greatest escapes ever gifted. As writers we have the extrodinary honor of creating sensory worlds that readers can be apart of corporately and yet at the same time experience something intimate and unique that they can individually immerse themselves into.


Within these worlds our readers can be the hero and the villian, the damsel in distress and the supporting best friend. They can walk in the footsepts of our characters and watch their journeys unfold from the edge of their seats. The role they submerge themeselves into while witnessing our stories unfold is completely their choice. 

     The work for us is deciding which stories to tell and from what persepctive, because unlike our audiences we are both creator and creation signaturally inspiried by our lives and that of those around us. If the Bible says that in the begining there was the Word, and the Word was God; (John 1:1) then what a privilaged to be filled by Him to create worlds without boundries that are limitless and without ceiling for us to periodically escape to. 

Check out some of the amazing signatures we have published and get your copy today! After you see the mark we have left on the literary world; check out what's debuting soon...

Available Now...

Coming Soon...

The Invisible 

My Wife's Flowers

A Father's Love

Les Trois

Sugah Brown

Oscar's Oscar


Stained Glass

She Is Me

Shadows of Truth - Soul Ties

Autumn's Summer

Lovely Sunshine

The Judgement

Building Fund

I Am My Brother


Barbecue Sauce

Mask Off

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